BearDrummer (beardrummer) wrote in pagan_parenting,


I witnessed trust today.  I have decided that I miss it.


My son, who is 5 years old, saw me reach out to him as he climbed across the seat of an old Ford Bronco, and launched himself into my arms.  He knew that his daddy had offered to catch him, and he had absolutely no doubt that that is exactly what would happen. He trusted me.  There are other examples of his trust I could bring up, but this one is perfect in its elegant simplicity.


As we get older, the vast majority of us reach a point where that simple trust starts to leave us.  I had mine shattered when I was just barely older than my son. Many start the process of losing that trust around that age, but some make it up into early adulthood before losing it. Once lost, it is very difficult to regain.  I realize that I do not trust anyone like that, not even my life-mate.  Sure, I trust her in many areas, but there are those areas that where my doubts start creeping in.  I wish I could get there again, I really do.


It is an awesome responsibility.  I hope I can live up to it.

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