phoenix_glow (phoenix_glow) wrote in pagan_parenting,

happy spring equinox!

Happy Equinox y'all! In trying to celebrate the Pagan high days with my kids, and compete with all the big advertising of the Christian/American holidays, I've resorted to serving sugar to make an impression on their little minds. Yup, each high day involves making a dessert of some kind - woo hoo. Usually cookies or cake - nothing too complicated.

My son reminded me today about the "spring fairies" who sometimes leave out candy before the Easter bunny. Shoot I'd forgotten about that. Some years we've done TWO rounds of treat hunting. He wondered if there'd be eggs out when they got home from school. Jeez - need to pull yet another thing together. Usually Easter and Equinox aren't right on top of each other.

It occured to me also that the Easter bunny is already pretty darn Pagan. It's not like we've got to compete with him for exposure to Pagan ideology. Still, I like to honor the fairies and nature spirits at this time of year. We made fairy jumbles (mobiles of fake jewels and ribbons and old cd's) to hang in the trees outside. I tell the kids that the fairies like anything shiny. (Think of how many times you've searched for those darn car keys that you swore were RIGHT THERE!)

We'll probably read the story of Persphone and Demeter again today too.

Again, Happy Spring Equinox to all. Hope the holiday brings new life and joy to all!
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