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Someone may have posted about this but it's just so good,

That it bears a second mention. I found this jewel of a site on a pagan parenting community on the pagan tea house blog.

On the site there is a lot of informational stuff for adults but they also a have an absolutly amazing page for children. Bedtime prayers, a faery alphabet coloring book, children's songs and stories. I read Elora the one about the Spring Maiden and she started to coo and sing. She's never done that while I've read to her before. She loved the story. Granted, she's 5 months so she was most likely responding to sitting in my knee on the computer and listening to my voice, but you never know. As I said, she has never been so happy over a story before. She likes me to read to her, but this the first time she really seemed to interact. It was wonderful! Some of the prayers are so very sweet.

Check it out!
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