Heidi of the North! (akutaq) wrote in pagan_parenting,
Heidi of the North!

At wits end!!!!

Please please PLEASE tell me this is normal.

My 18 month daughter is driving me insane. She has developed a knack for the word "no" and uses it ALL. THE. TIME. Its getting really annoying. I deal with it by telling her "yes" and then distracting her to do something else. She has also started throwing fits. We go to a restaurant, and she wants to run around. We tell her, "no, its time to sit and be good" then distract her with a game or coloring. Soon that gets boring and she starts throwing a fit. At nap time, I try to rock and nurse her as usual, but she'll have none of that. She'll start hitting and kicking saying, "no" until I put her down. Before I finally put her down, she bit my nipple and caused it to bleed. We are two hours late on nap time today, and because of this I know she'll be up till midnight *sigh*.

She has only started being like this. Is this a normal stage for her age? I have no clue. I was never around kids until I had one myself.

Part of me thinks she is bored. We live in a small village/town of 400. Three days a week she plays with other kids during Tot Time and Story time at the local library, but the other days we sit at home, not going out much because of weather.

So, my two questions are...

1. Is her behaviour sounding normal?

2. Are there any activities for her age out there that we can do to keep the bordom away.

I'm tired of constantly telling her no she can't do this and no she can't do that...

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